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Hot Sauce

Homemade, small-batch, hot sauces from the mild Aji to blistering Carolina Reaper. Made from hot peppers grown on our farm.

Super Chile Hot Sauce

Classic everyday hot sauce made with Super Chile peppers. Moderately hot with a pleasant taste and a somewhat...

Thai Dragon Hot Sauce

Cayenne pepper hot sauce, medium heat.


Relatively mild with a fruity citrus taste.

Aji Habanero

Traditional Aji with a hotter taste. OUT OF STOCK.

Carolina Reaper

One of the hottest! For the diehard heat fans.

Cayenne Pepper

Traditional cayenne pepper sauce. Medium heat.

Cayenne with Ghost Pepper

Cayenne with some added natural heat of ghost peppers.

Cherry Bomb

Our cherry peppers are usually on the hotter side.

Chichen Itza

A habanero pepper from South America with a fruity taste. Hot.

Dorset Naga

Developed in Dorset, England. Heat in the ghost and scorpion range.

Ghost Pepper

No description necessary!

Golden Cayenne

Hotter than the average cayenne and gold in color when ripe.

Golden Ghost

Ghost peppers with a gold color, but ghost heat.

Golden Cayenne and Golden Ghost

A mix of our golden peppers... Hot. OUT OF STOCK.

Green Jalapeño

Jalapeno flavor, jalapeño heat. OUT Of STOCK.


A Pennsylvania Dutch heirloom pepper, it's a mild habanero, but still pretty hot with a good flavor.

Jamaican Hot Chocolate

Not your typical hot chocolate! A habanero that is brown when ripe and makes a brown hot sauce! OUT OF STOCK.

Lemon Drop

Small yellow, hot peppers that smell lemony when fresh.

Red Flame

A cayenne pepper sauce.

Red Jalapeno

Moderately hot with a sweeter taste than green jalapeños. A popular sauce.

Red Mushroom and Cayenne

One of our most popular! Red mushroom peppers mixed with cayenne. Unique taste and dark red color. OUT OF STOCK.


Very hot scorpion peppers! OUT OF STOCK.

Super Chile and Habanero

Our classic super Chile hot sauce with a little boost in heat.

Thai Super

Small, ornamental, very hot Thai peppers.

White Habanero

Unusual habanero pepper that is small, round, and white when ripe. Hot.

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