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Pickled Products

Our pickled products are made on-premise and include variations of dill pickles (our dill pickles are slightly hot), as well as dilly beans, and various hot peppers.

Whole Dill Pickles

Made during the height of cucumber season when the selection and quality is best. A fresh hot pepper in every jar.

Dill Pickle Slices

Perfect for burgers and sandwiches!

Bread and Butter Pickles

The sweet old-fashioned classic.

Dilly Beans

A best-seller! Fresh green beans pickled in season. Unique alternative for Bloody Mary's

Mixed Hot Peppers

A mix of our various hot peppers, sliced. A surprise in every bite!

Sliced Pepperoncini

Very mild with a good taste for sandwiches and salads without the heat.

Sliced Banana Peppers

Typically milder and brighter peppers than jalapeƱos.

Stewed Tomatoes

Our tomatoes are famous in the summertime! Now fresh tomatoes canned for later, just like my Grandmother used to make.

Pickled Garlic

Our own homegrown garlic, canned fresh.

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